Sitting and waiting ... a test of patience. Watching the news has its benefits but can also play with your mind.

I almost wish this waiting game was like surgery. You gets meds to relax you. Then you count backwards and enjoy the deep nap. after you wake up you have pain but you receive meds. Tell tell you everything went well. the worst is over. 
But right now we wait... and wait...

The rain started a few hours ago....The winds are 40-50 mph and picking up speed. We are at the tropical storm stage. The hurricane itself is not expected to arrive until late this evening, right around sunset. That can change.

Most of our neighbors have left.

We continue to wait....

The Eve of Irma

Woke up this morning thinking all was done to survive the storm. There was a nice breakfast of pancakes and eggs and a nice long shower. Nothing to do but worry, watch YouTube, play games on my iPad..... NO
Zone A, mandatory evacuation! Panic!!! Irma is going right onward us.they expect the storm surge, not the winds to do the major damage.
We were going to pack a suitcase just in case, but we figure we had a bit of time to do so.  We literally threw the nessecary clothes, meds, toiletries into bags. Then we covered our furniture with tarps and left for my uncles home a few miles away.

It was sad leaving our home not knowing what will be left when we return in a few days. We did the best we could do to protect our home.


We are now totally committed to stay in place. Too late too leave now. All we can do is pray.

Irma's path is moving to the gulf side of Florida, right over us. One good thing, they are down grading the severity to a possible category 2-3. Maybe. There will be LOTS of rain with this storm and I'm worried about storm surge and flooding.

I was doing OK, until I talked to our neighbors and they told us:
  • Prepare for the roof to leak as the shingles go. 
  • Be prepared to use the car as a bed when the roof goes.
  • Pack some clothes in plastic, so you have something dry to wear.
OMG! I was not prepared for that! I should have thought about that!

Another source informed us to re-enforce any doors that swing in to the house. Done.

Mentally and physically exhausted. Unable to sleep. 

I will continue to blog as long as I am able to charge my devices.


I was called into work today, not a big surprise. The sunny is shining, humidity is down slightly in spite of the hard rain we had last night. The ground is saturated since it is the "rainy" season here. I can not help thinking about how much rain we will get this weekend? Where will it all go?
I do not live on a canal, but our neighborhood is surrounded by water. And to makes things worse I am in evacuation zone A, just on the border, but never the less we are the first to get evacuated.
A good thing is we are higher then most of the houses, almost 10 feet above sea level. For Florida, thats not too bad. I still wonder if the surges or rain will flood the area.

Rain "puddles" near our home
If life is not hectic enough, I have a benefit function I must attend this evening. I do not feel like attending, but I will go. This might be the last good meal for a while. Or so I keep convincing myself.  

It is very hard to concentrate on much of anything right now, my mind is filled with things to do to survive the storm. I am not alone. Most of my co-workers are women and we are all cleaning like crazy. Is it stress? Adrenaline? The thought of being closed in a dirty closet for a few days? Is is still a mystery.

One my drive to work I noticed more storm shutters and plywood on windows, but not as many as would think. After hurricane Charlie, the building codes changed and all new home had to be built with hurricane impact glass. Most of the homes in our area were built prior to Charlie, so I find it hard to believe all the homes without shutters have storm proof windows. (The estimate for our modest 1600 square foot house was $15,000).

This evening I will try to top of my gas tank... if gas is available.